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Brooke Rector

  • Brooke Rector

    Major: Public Health / Minor: Government and Public Policy


    Mesa, Arizona

    Majors / Minors:

    Major: Public Health / Minor: Government and Public Policy

    Why choose the UA / What’s awesome about the UA:

    Not only does UA have an excellent public health program, there are so many passionate like-minded people I surround myself with everyday. The University of Arizona has a beautiful campus and I enjoy going to class in-person everyday!

    Why did you choose public health?

    I chose public health because of my interest in making a difference in my local community. Public health is a flexible major because I can pursue a career in topics that interest me such as health policy, health education, environmental health, and epidemiology.

    What are your career goals:

    I would like to pursue a career in health policy or health education.

    Fun Fact about you (hobbies, trivia, etc.):

    I love baking, exercising, and I have two cats and a dog!

    One piece of advice for incoming students (transfer and freshmen):

    You don’t have to have everything figured out yet! Enjoy your college experience and take academics seriously, but also enjoy the little moments.

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