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Frank Franklin MD MPH PhD

Frank  Franklin MD MPH PhD

Professor Emeritus of Public Health UAB

Health Promotion Sciences Department

4831 Bridgewater Road

PO Box: n/a
Birmingham AL 35243
(205) 969-3914


Frank Franklin MD MPH PhD is Professor Emeritus of Public Health at UAB. Formerly, he was Professor of Maternal and Child Health, Pediatrics and Nutrition Sciences and Chair of the Department of Maternal and Child Health at the UAB School of Public Health. He is board certified in Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition. He practiced, taught and did research at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, LSU New Orleans and UAB. His research included basic biochemistry of lipoproteins, clinical trials in cardiovascular disease prevention and obesity treatment of children and adults, community interventions to increase fruit and vegetable intake in families, curriculum development in preventive cardiology and clinical nutrition and cohort studies of adolescents for determinants of at risk behaviors. He has extensive expertise in basic, clinical, and community aspects of nutrition and obesity of children and adults, especially in families. He has significant experience in assessing diet, BMI, and psychosocial variables and intervening with families to promote healthy lifestyles. His federally funded research studies spanned a wide age range with investigations involving multiple races/ethnicities, genders, especially low socioeconomic status mother-child dyads. His current activities include teaching public health nutrition and working with agencies throughout Birmingham for healthier community lifestyles.

Research Synopsis

The University of Arizona