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All Faculty

Halimatou Alaofé, PhD, MSc

Halimatou Alaofè

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-5614
Gail Barker, PhD, MBA

Gail Barker

Senior Lecturer
(602) 827-2531
Leila Barraza, JD, MPH

Leila Barraza

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-0720
Paloma Beamer, PhD

Paloma Beamer

Associate Professor
(520) 626-0006
Edward Bedrick, PhD

Edward Bedrick

Professor and Program Director, Biostatistics
(505) 681-5633
Melanie Bell, PhD

Melanie Bell

(520) 626-2795
Dean Billheimer, PhD

Dean Billheimer

(520) 626-9902
Heidi Brown, PhD, MPH

Heidi Brown

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-2262
Jeff Burgess, MD, MS, MPH

Jeff Burgess

Professor and Associate Dean for Research
(520) 626-4918
Elizabeth Calhoun, PhD, MEd

Elizabeth Calhoun

Professor & Executive Director, Center for Population Science and Discovery
(520) 626-9921
No photo available

Robert Canales

Assistant Professor
(520) 621-0146

Heather Carter

Assistant Professor of Practice
(602) 827-2319
Scott Carvajal, PhD, MPH

Scott Carvajal

Professor & Program Director, Health Behavior Health Promotion
(520) 626-9026
Zhao Chen, PhD, MPH

Zhao Chen

Professor and Department Chair, Epidemiology and Biostatistics
(520) 626-9011
Christina Cutshaw, PhD

Christina Cutshaw

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-7020

Jill Guernsey de Zapien

Program Director
(520) 626-7083
Leslie Dennis, PhD, MS

Leslie Dennis

(520) 626-6408
Daniel Derksen, MD

Daniel Derksen

Walter H. Pearce Endowed Chair & Director University of Arizona Center for Rural Health; Professor of Public Health; UAHS Associate Vice President for Health Equity, Outreach and Interprofessional Activities
(520) 626-3085
Burris “Duke” Duncan, MD

Burris “Duke” Duncan

Professor Emeritus, Public Health & Pediatrics
(520) 626-9353
John Ehiri, PhD, MPH, MSc

John Ehiri

Professor and Department Chair, Health Promotion Sciences
(520) 626-1355
Katherine (Kate) Ellingson, PhD

Katherine (Kate) Ellingson

Assistant Professor
Kacey Ernst, PhD, MPH

Kacey Ernst

Associate Professor & Program Director, Epidemiology
(520) 626-7374
Leslie Farland, ScD, MSc

Leslie Farland

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-8025
Janet Foote, PhD

Janet Foote

Assistant Professor
(602) 827-2239

Michelle Gamber

Adjunct Lecturer
(520) 626-6317

Francisco Garcia

Professor Emeritus, Family and Child Health
(520) 626-8539
David Garcia, PhD

David O. Garcia

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-4641
Joe Gerald, MD, PhD

Joe Gerald

Associate Professor & Program Director, Public Health Policy & Management
(520) 626-4678
Lynn Gerald, PhD, MSPH

Lynn Gerald

Professor & Canyon Ranch Endowed Chair
(520) 626-3243
J. Eduardo González-Fagoaga, PhD, MS

Eduardo Gonzalez-Fagoaga

Assistant Professor
(602) 332-0823
Stephanie Griffin, PhD, CIH

Stephanie Griffin

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-9363
Iman Hakim, MBBCh, PhD, MPH

Iman Hakim

Dean and Professor, Mel & Enid Zuckerman Endowed Chair of Public Health
(520) 626-7083
Phil Harber, MD, MPH

Philip Harber

(520) 626-1263
Robin Harris, PhD, MPH

Robin Harris

(520) 626-5357
Jennifer Hatcher, PhD, MPH, RN

Jennifer Hatcher

(602) 827-2880
Patricia L. Haynes, PhD, CBSM

Patricia Haynes

Associate Professor
(520) 626-1855
Paul Hsu, PhD

Paul Hsu

(520) 626-5054
Chengcheng Hu, PhD, MS

Chengcheng Hu

(520) 626-9308
Maia Ingram, MPH

Maia Ingram

Co-Director, Arizona Prevention Research Center
(520) 626-2267
Elizabeth Jacobs, PhD

Elizabeth Jacobs

(520) 626-0341
Dr. Aminata Kilungo photo

Aminata Kilungo

Lecturer, Interim Program Director, Environmental Health Sciences
(520) 626-8565
Klimentidis, PhD, MS

Yann Klimentidis

Assistant Professor
(520) 621-0147
Lindsay Kohler, PhD, MPH

Lindsay Kohler

Assistant Professor of Practice
(520) 626-3357

Mary Koss

Regents' Professor
(520) 626-3998
Shikhar Kumar

Shikhar Kumar

Priscilla Magrath

Priscilla Magrath

(520) 626-6317
David Marrero

David Marrero

Professor, Office of the Senior Vice President for Health Sciences, HPS Joint Faculty
(520) 626-3281

Mark Martz

Assistant Professor of Practice and Director, AZ Center for Tobacco Cessation
Martha Monroy, MA

Martha Monroy

Lecturer / Program Manager
(520) 626-8036
Uma S. Nair, PhD

Uma S. Nair

Assistant Professor of Practice
(520) 621-2233
Velia Leybas Nuño, PhD, MSW

Velia Leybas Nuno

Assistant Professor & Program Director, Family and Child Health
(520) 626-3525
Mary Kay O’Rourke, PhD

Mary Kay O'Rourke

Professor Emeritus
(520) 626-6835
Sheila Parker, MS, DrPH

Sheila Parker

Lecturer, Public Health
(520) 626-3667
Sydney Pettygrove, PhD

Sydney Pettygrove

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-3704
Kristen Pogreba-Brown, PhD, MPH

Kristen Pogreba-Brown

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-3076

Lauren Pring

Adjunct Lecturer, Public Health
(520) 626-3667
Stephanie Carroll Rainie (Ahtna Athabascan), DrPH, MPH

Stephanie Carroll Rainie

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-4393
Irma Ramos, MD

Irma Ramos

Associate Professor
(520) 626-6965
Boris Reiss, PhD, CIH

Boris Reiss

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-0795
Kelly Reynolds, MSPH, PhD

Kelly Reynolds

Professor, Department Chair of Community, Environment and Policy, Director, ESRAC
(520) 626-8230
Denise Roe, DrPH, MS

Denise Roe

Professor, Biostatistics & Dir. of Biometry
(520) 626-2281
Cecilia Rosales, MD, MS

Cecilia Rosales

Associate Dean, Phoenix Programs
(602) 827-2205

Kenneth Schachter

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-7960

Eyal Shahar

Professor Emeritus

Stephanie Springer

Lecturer, Health Promotion Sciences, & Director, Undergraduate Advising
(520) 626-3207
Xiaoxiao Sun, PhD

Xiaoxiao Sun

Assistant Professor
Douglas Taren, PhD

Douglas Taren

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor
(520) 626-8375
Cynthia Thomson, PhD, RD

Cynthia Thomson

Professor and Director, Canyon Ranch Center for Prevention and Health Promotion
(520) 626-1565
Marc Verhougstraete, PhD

Marc Verhougstraete

Assistant Professor
(520) 621-0254

Lorenzo Villa Zapata

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Ronald Watson, PhD

Ronald Watson

(520) 626-2850
Spencer Willis

Spencer Willis

(520) 626-7588
Nicole Yuan, PhD, MPH

Nicole Yuan

Associate Professor
(520) 626-7215
Jin Zhou, PhD

Jin Zhou

Assistant Professor
(520) 626-1393

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