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Meet Our Students

Are you interested in learning more about graduate students at the UA Zuckerman College of Public Health? Read about some of our outstanding student Ambassadors below. Feel free to connect with an Ambassador in one of the following ways:

  • Email an Ambassador through the email address on their profile
  • Follow us on Instagram @uazpublichealth
  • If you are interested in having a panel of public health graduate student Ambassadors speak in your class, student club, or organization, please contact us at

Ayeisha Rosa-Hernandez

MPH One Health

“MEZCOPH has given me the opportunity to explore my academic interests in a professional and respectful environment. More than that, it pushes my limits and encourages me to expand my knowledge through interactions with a wonderful interdisciplinary faculty and class.”

Magdiel Habila

PhD Epidemiology

“During my time at MEZCOPH, I have been introduced to new perspectives, developed relationships with colleagues and professors, and have had the opportunity to pursue amazing research experiences. It has been amazing to be a part of a college that seeks to serve the community – in Tucson, the United States, and internationally.”

Joey Fong

MPH Epidemiology

“My time at MEZCOPH has been a constant feedback loop of gaining confidence and embracing new experiences. Many of the new opportunities I’ve been presented with have pushed me to widen my perspective. I’m constantly pushed to remain adaptable in a dynamic field and that allows me to succeed.”

Jhenitza Raygoza

MPH Health Behavior Health Promotion

“MEZCOPH has served as a niche for academic, professional, and personal growth. It is a space where students are encouraged to think critically, give strong reason to our voice, and expand on our passions.”

Cody Welty

MS/PhD Health Behavior Health Promotion

“In my time at MEZCOPH, the experience and knowledge I have gained from coursework, my advisors, and other activities has been invaluable. There are opportunities available for local organizations, government, and within MEZCOPH, and I am always able to make new connections with the community and people.”

Ferris Ramadan

MS Epidemiology

“The intelligence and drive of MEZCOPH faculty, staff and students is palpable; the ability to work alongside such a steadfast community provides an immense sense of purpose.”

Meghan Skiba

PhD Health Behavior Health Promotion

"At MEZCOPH, in the heart of the Sonoran Desert, you can watch the sun set in a vibrant spectrum behind granite giants and eat fantastic tacos."

Emmanuel González Figueroa

PhD Environmental Health Sciences

“I’m proud of being a MEZCOPH student. It has provided me the tools to work with multiple cultures and traditions in rural Arizona while conducting research on my field of interest:  air quality."

Brandon Howard

MPH Public Health Practice

“MEZCOPH has provided me with numerous incredible opportunities on the Phoenix Biomedical Campus and in the Greater Phoenix Area. I have been able to interact with amazing peers and faculty while exploring my interests in public health. The school’s reputation has also immediately set me apart from other candidates for internships and jobs.”

Rachel Abraham

MPH Public Health Policy and Management

“MEZCOPH has become my home away from home and encourages me every day to be the best version of myself.”

Manpreet Sahnan

MPH Family and Child Health - Maternal and Child Health

“At MEZCOPH, we get to work with the faculty and the community on many different public health issues. There is ample opportunity to apply what you learned to public health projects that help our community. This made it an easy choice to transition to my masters after completing my bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona.”

Valerie Madera-Garcia

PhD Epidemiology

“MEZCOPH has given me the opportunity to engage in significant research that will contribute to the improvement of the health of my fellow Puerto Ricans. For that, I will be eternally grateful.”

Maryam Hockley

MD/MPH Phoenix

“MEZCOPH has been the path for me to better integrate myself into my hometown of Maricopa county and truly be an agent of change in this public health arena.”

Edgar Villavicencio

MPH Health Behavior Health Promotion

"Belonging to MEZCOPH has incredibly improved my personal, academic and professional development. Every class, every assignment, project and topic discussed has had a meaning to my comprehension on how public health works and the core values that this field represents for health and communities."

Emily Cooksey

PhD Environmental Health Sciences

"During my time at MEZCOPH I have been supported and pushed to follow my dreams by faculty and students alike. Everyone wants the best for each other and it shows."

Maria Valdez

MPH Public Health Practice

"I would recommend MEZCOPH to others because of the diversity present at the campus and the opportunities present. With a campus both in Phoenix and Tucson, there is a vast amount of options, not only in classes but also for internships. I have been able to stay close to my family while keeping my activities in Tucson thanks to the Phoenix Campus."

Lauren Jaeger

MPH Health Behavior Health Promotion / MBA Healthcare Management

"MEZCOPH has allowed me to tailor my education and graduate experience, giving me the confidence to stand out and take on leadership roles in the workplace."

Connor Kelley

PhD Epidemiology

“MEZCOPH provides students with the opportunity to marry their interests to ongoing research with faculty whose interests vary widely. Even if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can expect direction and support for your own work from faculty and students alike.”

Iva Skobic

PhD Health Behavior Health Promotion

“If you are interested in doing any particular type of research or having a certain type of professional experience, don’t be afraid to ask! Faculty, admin, or fellow students may know how you can go about getting what you want.”

Sarah Battaglia

MPH One Health

"At the College of Public Health, I am gaining resources and connections that will empower me to become a pioneer in the field of One Health."

Nidal Azreg-Zakaria Kram

DrPH Maternal & Child Health

“Figure out what you want to accomplish, and you’ll find the people and the resources to help you get there.”

Christina Baum

MPH Epidemiology

"MEZCOPH has greatly expanded my understanding of public health. It has allowed me to pursue newfound career & research interests that did not exist when I first began the program."

Sana Khan

PhD Epidemiology

"MEZCOPH has fostered an environment that allows students to follow their passion and work independently, while simultaneously providing an immense amount of support and encouragement. I am grateful to have found a second home here at MEZCOPH."

Keegan Krause

MPH Family and Child Health - Global Health / MA Latin American Studies

"MEZCOPH has given me the knowledge base and technical wherewithal to be a serious professional in the world of Global Health."

Mario Trejo

PhD Epidemiology

“MEZCOPH has made many opportunities available to me and has done a great deal to help me grow professionally.”

Kyrra Kahler

MPH Health Behavior Health Promotion

"Being surrounded by people with similar goals and values pertaining to health is amazing and has allowed me to grow both my interest and skills in various public health areas. I enjoy MEZCOPH’s atmosphere and attention to health equity and through my program I have been able to increase my confidence and leadership skills in a meaningful way."

Nicolas Lopez-Galvez, MPH, MA

PhD Environmental Health Sciences

“I am grateful to be part of the MEZCOPH because it provides a perfect environment to learn more about public health issues. The professors have been really supportive, and I have gained valuable experience in the classroom and conducting research.”

Samantha Slack

MPH Health Services Administration

“MEZCOPH provides its students with unique opportunities to serve their community and a campus where study groups can be held outdoors nearly year round, and full access to Maria’s tamales on Fridays (ask for the Salsa Verde).”

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