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The public health internship is one of the most exciting components of the public health major! This is a chance for students gain professional public health experience, start networking, and determine post-graduation plans.

Enrollment Options

HPS 493A/H - This is the 6 unit (250 contact hours) required internship experience. Students can elect to complete this internship over two semesters (for 125 contact hours/3 units of enrollment each semester). Enrollment in HPS 493A is the usual enrollment for students. Enrollment in HPS 493H is reserved for Honors students.

HPS 493B - Internship for public health elective credit. This internship can be completed for 3 (125 contact hours) or 6 units (250 contact hours).

Internship Orientation 

Students interested in a Spring 2019 internship should take the following action: 

  • Watch the 45 minute Public Health Internship Orientation Video: Coming soon for Summer and Fall internships
  • Complete the Internship Orientation Worksheet
  • Once the worksheet is complete, tudents submit the worksheet to Stephanie Springer, the Internship Director
  • After the submission of the worksheet, students gain access to the Public Health Internship Prep D2L course site, where they find the required forms for internship unit enrollment
  • Students use this D2L site to submit the internship work plan and preceptor agreement paperwork for Summer and Fall 2019 enrollment

NOTE: Students must watch the orientation video and complete the worksheet the semester before their internship experience, even if they have viewed an earlier version of the orientation video.

Internship Eligibility

Prerequisites for enrollment in HPS 493A/H:
• Acceptance into the professional Public Health major
• Completion of HPS 350

Prerequisites for enrollment in HPS 493B:
• Completion of HPS 178, HPS 200 and six other public health units 

Tips for Securing an Internship

Students are responsible for finding and negotiating the specifics of their own internships. Students have had success in securing a public health internship by taking the following action.

  1. View the Internship Orientation Video early in the semester before you want to complete your internship. The Orientation includes strategies for searching for and securing an internship.
  2. Google your preferred location and health topics that interest you. For example, “Tucson” or “Peru” matched with your personal and career interests (for example, “environmental health” or "HIV"). As needed, expand your search to include a broader or more specific location and/or use different key words for your interests (for example, subbing "gestational diabetes" for "maternal health"). 
  3. Examine the search results to learn more about potential organizations and opportunities. Review each organization’s website and consider the organization's mission, programs, and services. 
  4. Contact each organization that you are interested in to connect with someone (this could be someone in Human Resources, the Volunteer Coordinator, or someone in the department that you would like to intern with). Share with the contact that you are interested in exploring internship opportunities and that you have specific skills related to their work (those skills are team-based problem solving, communication, etc., and/or specific relevant skills related to their work, such as health promotion, epidemiology research, addressing health disparities, etc.). If the contact reports that they don't have internship opportunities, ask them if they could refer you to someone at their organization or field of work. Don't forget to also thank them for their time.
  5. If your initial discussion seems promising, ask about next steps to secure an internship experience at their organization. In addition, work with the preceptor to fill out the required University/College internship paperwork (found on the Public Health Internship Prep D2L site).

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