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Undergraduate Curriculum

Why choose Public Health at the University of Arizona?

Earn a degree that prepares you for success.

The Bachelor of Science with a major in Public Health at the University of Arizona is a degree that will provide you with comprehensive coursework and experiential education in public health. In Arizona, the UA public health degree is the only program accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health.

You will have the opportunity to customize your degree experience to match your interests, aspirations, and future goals. Learn more about the emphasis areas and decide which is right for you.

What are you interested in? Emphasis Area
I am interested in environmental health, occupational health and safety, and research. Environmental and Occupational Health Emphasis
I want to study health in a global setting or work with agencies focused on global health. Global Health Emphasis
I am excited about health education, working with communities, and promoting public health. Health Promotion Emphasis 
I am most interested in health care administration, policy, and public health management. Health Systems Theory and Practice Emphasis
I want to study epidemiology, biostatistics, and learn about health data management and collection. Quantitative Methods in Public Health Emphasis

Summary of emphasis areas and course offerings can be found here.

Curriculum Guides

Below you can find the curriculum guides for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a major in Public Health.

2018-2019 Major in Public Health Curriculum Guide (New)

Students in the public health major complement the major core coursework with your choice of one of five concentrated emphasis areas. New in 2019 is the emphasis area Quantitative Methods in Public Health. Existing emphasis area include: Environmental & Occupational Health; Global Health; Health Promotion; and Health Systems: Theory & Practice.

Read more about the emphasis areas here.

Download the form to your computer and open it with a .pdf reader software (e.g. Adobe). *If you do not see the guide as a fillable form, you may need to update your software or download an appropriate .pdf reader software. Be sure to save the completed form to your computer/desktop, and not your download folder.

2017-2018 Major in Public Health Curriculum Guide

2016-2017 Major in Public Health Curriculum Guide

2015-2016 Major in Public Health Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Information

Students are encouraged to use the information on this page to plan their public health coursework.

Course Syllabi, Curriculum and Course Scheduling page

Suggested Four Year Plans

Students Placing into College Algebra (Math 112)
Students Placing into Math 100
Pre-Health Students (Preparation for Medical School)

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