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Online Master of Public Health

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The University of Arizona online Master of Public Health is designed to prepare you to make a broader impact in your community and around the globe in the public health arena. Through a blend of groundbreaking research, theory and a real-world view of today’s public health issues, our program provides an education that is being applied across geographical and cultural borders to promote a healthy, happier society.

Our world-class faculty of public health leaders helps create a dynamic online learning experience built on direct interaction, collaborative discourse and integrative thinking. The online MPH is a perfect opportunity to match your boundless dedication to public service with a thirst for knowledge.

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Students are able to obtain the MPH degree through three concentration areas online:

MPH Applied Epidemiology – Online Program Level Competencies

The Applied Epidemiology program is a fixed curriculum that provides the opportunity for students to develop skills in key epidemiological concepts applicable in applied public health settings. Further skills are obtained in a set curriculum on infectious and chronic diseases and maternal and child health which also reinforce key concepts from the course series.

  • Describe and summarize findings from multiple studies to make recommendations for public health practice.
  • Understand components of public health surveillance and apply relevant data to address public health problems.
  • Compare and contrast bias within study designs and calculate appropriate measures of disease frequency and excess risk.
  • Use public health data sources and collected data to answer applied epidemiological research questions.
  • Interpret analyses in the context of published literature and communicate key findings to stakeholders.

MPH in Health Promotion – Online Program Level Competencies

  • Describe behavioral, social, community and policy influences foundational to health promotion efforts.
  • Describe factors to consider when adapting health promotion programs to new or diverse settings.
  • To articulate the importance of using needs assessments to inform health promotion efforts.
  • To apply program evaluation strategies for health promotion.
  • Describe the merits of health promotion interventions and policies.

MPH in Health Services Administration - Online Program Level Competencies

  • Apply quality and performance improvement practices to improve health outcomes.
  • Apply "systems thinking" for resolving organizational problems.
  • Demonstrate leadership skills for building partnerships.
  • Construct and interpret budgets to analyze the fiscal status of public health, health care and non-profit organizations.
  • Apply legal frameworks to analyze public health problems, explain the source and scope of the state’s power to regulate public health, and critique how the law can improve or impair the public’s health.
  • Implement and evaluate health care marketing theories and practice methods.
  • Analyze and evaluate administrative, management and regulatory issues that impact the delivery of medical care in the U.S.

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