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Transfer Students

Transfer Student Resources

Transfer Credit Guide

Students looking to take prerequisite coursework at an Arizona community college can utilize the Arizona Course Equivalencies for Public Health Major Prerequisite Courses (pdf) to determine which courses will transfer successfully.

Students may also utilize AZ Transfer to determine other coursework that can be transferred from Arizona community colleges to the University of Arizona. Use the Course Equivalency tool and select the appropriate institutions.

Incoming Transfer Students

Recently admitted or prospective transfer students should utilize the resources provided on the UA Transfer Credit website, which includes reverse transfer forms, credit options, transfer evaluations, and other transfer student tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I transfer credit to the University of Arizona from another institution or college?

To transfer pre-public health major coursework (typically 100 and 200 level coursework) from another institution to the University of Arizona, follow the instructions outlined here

For public health major coursework (typically, 300 and 400 level coursework), begin by submitting a Course Substitution Form found here

Can I get pre-approval for a future course that I intend to take at another institution or college and wish to transfer to the University of Arizona?

Yes! It is our preference that you get pre-approval for transfer coursework before you take the course if you plan for it to count towards degree requirements.

For pre-public health major coursework, follow the instructions outlined here.

For public health major coursework (typically, 300 and 400 level coursework), begin by submitting a Course Substitution Form found here.

How do I know if the University of Arizona has received/processed my transcripts?

Students are able to determine if the University of Arizona has processed their transcripts by logging in to their UAccess Student Center account. Once on their Student Center page, the student can use the drop-down menu (next to their class schedule) and select "Transfer Credit: Report". On this page, students can see the transfer credit that the University of Arizona has accepted and processed and what the course transferred in as. Please note that it can take up to 6 weeks for transcripts to be fully processed and placed in the UAccess system, and that your advisor is unable to see/count transfer credits until the Office of the Registrar has fully processed them.

*In the "Equivalent Course" column, you are able to see what the course was accepted as at the University of Arizona. If a course is not directly equivalent to any currently offered university course, you may see the equivalence listed as " ____ _TR". This designation informs you that the credits were accepted as 100, 200, 300, or 400 level elective credits for the department stated. Contact your advisor if you feel that an error has been made or you would like information on how to have these elective credits evaluated for degree applicability.

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