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Undergraduate Admissions

Public Health Ambassadors

Make a difference. Join the UA Zuckerman College of Public Health.

Distinguished for our outstanding community-based research and for our focus on eliminating health disparities among populations of the Southwest and globally, the University of Arizona's Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health offers tremendous opportunities to its undergraduate students for education, research and community involvement.

In the undergraduate program, the Bachelor of Science (B.S.) with a major in public health is divided into a pre-professional major (pre-public health) and a professional major (public health). Additionally, students have the option of completing this degree through the in-person program or through our fully online degree via Arizona Online.

Declaring the Pre-Public Health Major

Whether you are a first-year student entering the university or a current student looking to change their major to public health, you will first need to declare 'pre-public health' as your major. Pre-public health is the preparation major in which students will finish their prerequisites and general education courses before applying to the full (professional) public health major.

Applying to the Professional Public Health Major

Once you have completed the necessary prerequisites and attained the required cumulative GPA, you may be eligible to apply from the 'pre-public health' major into the full major. Students must apply and be admitted to the full public health major in order to graduate with a degree in public health.

Declaring the Public Health Minor

Interested in public health and how it might intersect with your current major/field of study? Consider adding the public health minor to your degree.

Transfer Student Information

Information on how to transition from another institution, such as a community college or other university, to a major in public health at the University of Arizona.

Online Bachelor of Science with a major in Public Health

If you are interested in completing a public health degree entirely online or from a distance then look into our Fully Online B.S. with a major in Public Health.  

Accelerated BS/MPH (Environmental Health)

The Environmental Health Sciences Section has developed an accelerated five-year Bachelor of Science to Master of Public Health Degree option for exceptional students.

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