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Health Promotion Sciences Joint Faculty

Richard Carmona, MD, MPH, FACS

Richard Carmona

Distinguished Professor
(520) 749-9655 ext. 4889

Conrad Clemens

Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education and Professor, Public Health
(520) 626-2688

Brad Dreifuss

Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine; Director of Rural and Global Health Programs
Cell - (503) 502-0775

Scott Going

Professor and Department Head, Nutritional Sciences
(520) 621-4705
Lee Ann Hamilton picture

Lee Ann Hamilton

Lecturer, Public Health; Assistant Director, Health Promotion-Preventive Services

Melanie Hingle

Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences and Public Health
(520) 621-3087

Scott Leischow

Joint Faculty
(520) 626-9574

Lois Loescher

Associate Professor, Nursing and Public Health
(520) 626-6169

Victoria Maizes

Professor, Medicine and Public Health
(520) 626-6417

Marylyn McEwen

Professor, Nursing and Public Health
(520) 626-6926

Mark Nichter

Professor, Anthropology and Public Health
(520) 621-2665

Mimi Nichter

Professor, Anthropology and Public Health
(520) 626-9067

Akinlolu O. Ojo

Associate Vice President for Clinical Research and Global Health Initiatives, Professor of Public Health
(520) 626-0228

Kenneth Pelletier

Joint Faculty
(520) 626-6417

Ronald Pust

Professor Emeritus, Family, Community Medicine and Public Health
(520) 626-5650

Marion Slack

Professor, Pharmacy Practice and Science
(520) 626-1099

Amanda E Sokan

(520) 626-9201

The University of Arizona